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We started because Cole and his friends were tired of scrambling at the last minute to do something fun for their wives’ birthdays only to forget to organize a babysitter. They were tired of paying more for shipping than for the present itself. Most of all, they were tired of getting those looks. You know the ones: flat, slightly disgusted, slightly amused, mostly “You actually spent money on this?” or “How could you forget it’s our anniversary.”

We started because Kate and her friends were tired of nagging their husbands with “what do you want for Christmas” only to get a shrug. Tired of seeing them stare blankly and then tossing the shirt and tie they spent hours agonizing over at the store. Tired of excitedly planning a party only to have him say, “I’d really rather…” the day before.

We started this service because we finally realized men and women simply don’t talk about things on the same wavelengths.

So, we created a solution: makes doing the special little things that make a woman feel appreciated and loved, simple. takes the guess work out of what he really wants. How would it feel if you showed up with a gift they’d love, every time?
We can guarantee you’ll find out. Take a tour or just sign up – it’s free.

What People are Saying:

"Don't think for one moment that any of this takes away from the magic of gift giving. More like it takes the really terrible sweaters and nightgowns out of it!" - Kristen, CoolMomPicks

"This is a very cool service and easy to navigate. The extremely useful and fun part is that everything you enter in will appear in your partner's account and vice versa. Anytime you want to surprise them, with a gift or fun idea for a date, you can just look at what they have been secretly dying to do or buy and just like that - you are the world's best boyfriend/girlfriend." Molly McDonald, Editor in Chief, Demogirl

"I love the website - it has already inspired me to buy a gift for Chris and hide it in his suitcase to be found on his next trip. Go me!" Lynn R., New York

About Us

Hi! Thanks for stopping in. We are Kate and Cole Kelly. We've been married since 2001, are the parents of three rambunctious boys, and do what we can to keep our relationship in the courting phase. (It isn’t easy but we try.)

It seems we are always talking about relationships and serving as sounding boards to our friends. Since we are all too busy and never as thoughtful or creative as we'd like to be, we decided to try to fix it. and is one of the tools we've come up when trying to solve the riddle of relationships - especially the thoughtfulness piece.

It’s helped us and hopefully will help you as well!